April 9th, 2010

djm4: (Default)
Friday, April 9th, 2010 09:35 pm
No, Gordon Brown, Labour supporters should not vote Lib Dem.

If you're still a Labour supporter at this point, you're going to find precious little to like in the Lib Dems. If you still support a party that abolished the 10% Income Tax band, you're not going to find a welcome in the party that wants to raise the lower tax threshold to £10,000. If you still support the party that brought in 28-day detention without charge - and tried to bring in 90-days - banned demos near Parliament, and brought in a host of anti-terror legislation that has curbed our freedoms left, right, and centre, you won't be happy with our Freedom Bill, nor with our MPs' monitoring of the police brutality at the G20 protests. If you support the party that's trying to build a third runway at Heathrow, you won't like our transport policy. If you support the party that has institutionalised immigration detention, including child detention, then ... well, frankly, I'm not sure which strand of the human race has a welcome for you; the Lib Dems certainly don't.

And let's not even mention the war because, let's face it, if you were a Labour supporter back in 2005, you already reconciled yourself to Labour's behaviour over Iraq. But suffice it to say that you'll find no succour for war criminals and their supporters in the Lib Dems.

You're supporting a party that's had thirteen years to reform our voting system, and didn't. You're supporting a party that tried until the very last minute to exempt MPs' expenses from the Freedom of Information bill. Liberal Democrats pushed to make expenses public - yes, even those that would embarrass us - and we have electoral reform as a core policy. And don't get me started on the Digital Economy Bill....

I could go on, but that's surely enough?

Labour supporters should not vote Lib Dem. We're not the party you're looking for, and do not share your values. Although, on many of the issues I mention, you'll find a sympathetic ear over at Tory HQ.